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Fic: Panor - Stargate

Amnesty posting

Title: Panor
Author: rinkafic
Fandom: Stargate all series Fusion - AU
      Series: Sequel to Keri
Genre: Sci fi
Characters/Pairing: (Main) John/Cam, Evan/David, Alison Porter/Jonas Quinn, Markham/Stackhouse
Rating: NC-17  (R for language if you skip the pron chapters)
Orientation: Slash, het
Word Count: 132,508
Warnings: MPREG, deaths of canon characters

Summary: The Atlantis AI takes the initiative to fix the Expedition's major problem. Chaos ensues.

Notes: I need to thank my betas: kyaraelf, clwilson2006,ashke, kazbaby and camshaft22! It wouldn't have happened without you. I'm sorry. And thank you!

Master Post is here
Tags: type: fanfiction
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