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Waay past Amnesty Period...

...but I haven't seen any news for a new round yet...mods - please feel free to delete this post if it's inappropriate.

I finally (finally!) finished my fic for this challenge.  It is available on my LJ but since I've blown past amnesty and am well into "I'm so far behind I think I'm ahead" territory, I don't feel right just posting it here.  If anyone's even remotely curious after all this time, just drop me a note in the comments.  :) 
However, since I wouldn't have finished it without this community, I wanted to say thank you for this challenge; it really did keep me motivated through some "this-is-so-awful-I-should-burn-it" moments.

...and maybe the next round (if there is one??), I'll actually make the deadlines.  :D
Tags: time flies like a cat
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