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Fic: A Life Less Ordinary - Original

Title:  A Life Less Ordinary
Author:  shirleyann66
Fandom:  Original
Genre:  Het/Chick Lit
Pairing: Original Pairings
Rating:  PG-13 for language.
Word count:  ~103,000 (there are different word counts in different programs; this is the average)
Warnings: Lots of swearing; irreverent attitude towards some serious subjects such as infertility, infidelity, and life-threatening illness.  Erm...this happens to be a comedy...
Summary:  For the last fifteen years, Rose “Manny” Mankowski has been a very good girl. She turned her back on her youthful fancies and focused on her career. But now, at the age of 45, she's questioning her choices and feeling more and more disconnected from her own life. When she's passed over for promotion and her much younger new boss implies Manny's life will never change, something snaps. In the blink of an eye, she's quit her job, sold her house and cashed in her pension, and she's leaving town on a six month road trip.  After placing a personal ad for a travelling companion, she's joined in her mid-life crisis by Zeke Powell, the cynical, satirical, most-read – and most controversial – blogger for the e-magazine, What Women Want. Zeke's true goal is to expose Manny's journey as a pitiful and desperate attempt to reclaim her lost youth – and increase his readership at the same time. Leaving it all behind for six months is just an added bonus.  Now, armed with a hatful of destinations, a fistful of guidebooks, and a rich fantasy life, Manny's on a quest to rediscover herself – and taking Zeke along for the ride.

Link to masterpost:  Is right through here...
Tags: type: original
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