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Supernova Guidelines

- Minimum word count is 100,000 words.
- Authors must either provide content advisories/warnings or clearly state that they are choosing not to provide advisories/warnings.
- Authors may continue a piece they have already started as long as it hasn’t been posted, or if it is less than 10k and is taken down for the duration of the Supernova.
- Piece may not be posted before the posting week. Posting will be to your own journals/accounts (or if you prefer to keep your work to yourself, that is also allowed), and only links and headers will be posted to the Supernova community.
- It is not required to have the piece beta read before posting, but it is encouraged if a beta is willing and available to you.
- There are no content restrictions; any fandom, crossovers, fusions, alternate universe/reality, rpf, and original works are accepted.
- You can start writing as soon as you sign up or at any point thereafter. The Check-Ins and Chats aren’t requirements, but participation is encouraged.
- Teams/Co-authoring is allowed with up to three people.
- The Supernova runs over the course of National Novel Writing Month. While according to NaNo rules, working on a piece that has already been started is not allowed, but for those of you who would like to participate in both, well, let’s just say no one is really policing that rule.
- There is no art component to the Supernova, though if you’d like to find someone to create banners/headers/other pieces for your work (or create them yourself), that is fine.

If you have questions/concerns, please pm race_the_ace  or welfycat .
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